Speaker Date Topic
Christopher Puttock - In Person Jul 29, 2024
Rotary Action Groups (RAGs) - What Are They and Why Do We Have Them - and maybe other subjects

Dr. Christopher F. Puttock

Rotary at COP28 Program Manager

Rotary Action Group's Council Cabinet Chair 2023-2025

Rotary Action Group for Endangered Species (RAG4ES) Chair 2023-2025
Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group (ESRAG) cofounder, www.esrag.org

ESRAG Executive Director 2015-2018, Chair-Elect 2018-2019, Chair 2019-2021, Director of Projects Division 2021-2022, Senior Advisor 2022+

RI TRF Cadre of Technical Advisors for Water and Environment 2021-2024

D7620 Environment Committee Chair 2010-2014, 2020-2022; Global Grants Committee 2011-2014; RC5864 College Park President 2016-2017

Hawaii Conservation Alliance Foundation (HCAF) Founder & Director 2006+ hawaiiconservation.org/the-foundation/ 

Tori Carapelho, Founder - ZOOM (Gina Intro) Aug 05, 2024
Hear 4 Hope

Support and Resources for Hearing Loss - Hear 4 Hope

Hear 4 Hope envisions a world where the journey through hearing loss is met with understanding, compassion, and boundless hope. Established with a profound commitment rooted in four foundational pillars, symbolized by the integral “4” in our name: SupportResourcesEducation, & Advocacy.  Hear 4 Hope recognizes the transformative power of HOPE, a force that becomes especially vital during challenging times, particularly when confronting the difficulties of hearing loss. Hope is more than just a word; it’s a catalyst for resilience and growth. And Hear 4 Hope is committed to creating an environment where hope not only survives but thrives, in Hawaii and beyond!

Special Club Event - In Person Aug 12, 2024
TBD - ZOOM Aug 19, 2024
TBD - In Person Aug 26, 2024
DARK - Labor Day Sep 02, 2024
TBD - In Person Sep 09, 2024
TBD - ZOOM Sep 16, 2024
Ted Faigle, District Governor D5000 - In Person Sep 23, 2024
Where Rotary is going from a District Perspective